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Watersports World Pvt. Ltd. is located at
Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort, South Male Atoll, Maldives.

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.
Our All Available Watersports Activities :
Catamaran Sailing / Windsurfing
Watersports Center Olhuveli Maldives
Kite Boarding / Wakeboarding
Waterski / Funtubes /
Canoe / Stand up Paddle Board
Pedalo / Jetski

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.
Watersports Price List

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.
Olhuveli Watersports Area / Lagoon
Kite & Windsurfer Paradise !

Olhuveli Lagoon : sandy & shallow, 800 m of width, 10 Km of length
There is a huge sandy bottom lagoon surrounding Olhuveli. That is unique in the Maldives and this is even one of the best watersports area in the world !!
View Olhuveli 360 from Sandbank Island

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.
Wave Point "Guraidhoo"
South Male Atoll

Guraidhoo Wave Point South Male Atoll -Photo by Hiroshi Usami
It takes about 10min. by the speed boat from Olhuveli to reach the spot.
Wave/Swell season is from May to October with the south west monsoon wind.

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.
Let's go to see Mantas !!
Manta season starts from May to November.

Manta Season (May to November)
Come and see "Mantas" by snorkeling !
Join our "Catamaran Safari" and "Speedboat Charter".

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.
Photographer - Hiroshi Usami
Olhuveli Lagoon -Photo by Hiroshi Usami
Hiroshi Usami plays an active part in the japanese famous magazine "Windsurfer" as a photographer. Olhuveli was presented with 10 pages in the magazine with many of his photos in October 2007.

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.

Winner of the Maldives
Inter Resort Slalom Race 2006 !

Winners Jochen and Mahir !
The Maldives National Windsurfing Championships took place over the weekend of 8-9 September at "Club Faru" located in the North Male Atoll.
Let's see more details !

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.

Pro Kiteboarder Dirk Hanel

Dirk(Right) and Jochen (Left)
Pro Kiteboarder Dirk Hanel visited Olhuveli in July 2004. Thereafter, he was winning the Overall Titel at the Speedweek in Namibia in October 2004. He reached a top speed of 40.05 knots = 74 Km/h and took the German record. The Photo Gallery taken by Norbert Eisele-Hein.

Watersports World Pvt. Ltd.

Photographer Norbert Eisele-Hein 

Photographer Norbert Eisele-Hein
At the same time in July 2004 Norbert came to Olhuveli, too. Enjoy his beautiful pictures on our website.
Check the Photo Gallery for his shots.

Catamaran Safari

Special Recommendation ! Your private Sailing with Instructor. (no sailing experience required.)

Full Day / Half Day / Mini Safari / Sunset Sailing
We will bring you to : a local Island, deserted Island, another resort, snorkling reef, etc. You might see lots of Dolphins !!

Enjoy your private excursion - Catamaran sailing with skipper !

Catamaran Rent

All Sailers are welcome ! We rent Top Cat K1 & K3.
min.1hour up to 1week non-limit.

Catamaran Sailing in the Lagoon

Catamaran lesson

Basic Course (8 hrs) 
Get the official license from the VWDS Association !
Let us show you the fascination of sailing.. Learn all the necessary maneuvers & theoretical background for going sailing on your own.

Refresh / Advance Course, Private Lessons

Catamaran Lesson

Kiteboarding Lesson

Safety Lessons at our shallow lagoon

Introduction Lessons (1 hrs)

Short Course (3 x 2 hrs)

Basic Course (5 x 2hrs)

Friend Bernd Kiting at Olhuveli Lagoon (January)

Kiteboarder at Olhuveli lagoon

Kiteboarding Rent

Kites : Size 3.5 - 16

North Kiteboarding
Cabrinha Kite

Equipment North Kites / Cabrinha Kite

Boards :

North Kiteboarding

Kite & Board 2009

Windsurfing Lesson

Introduction Lesson  (min. age : 8 years)
In only 1 hour, you will learn to go and to return !

Short Course (3 hrs)
You will learn stearing and a basic turn.

Basic Course (6 hrs)
Get the official license from the VDWS Association !
Learning a marvelous sport the easy way, with all the background.

Learning the easy way !

Windsurfing Rent

Sails Equipment :

Neil Pryde (4.5-8.5u)
North Sails
2016 Models are available!!

Neipryde & Northsail

Boards Equipment :

JP Australia (77-205l) :
Freestyle Wave / Freestyle /
X-Cite Ride / Slalom / Supersports, / New School
(All Boards are Full Wood Sandwich Technology)
All Boards are latest 2014, 2015 & 2016 Models !!

Windsurfing Equipment  2009

Waterski / Wakeboard

Waterski / Monoski / Wakeboard
(Junior Waterski and Wakeboard available)
Beginers Lesson
By using the teaching (training) bar at the side of our Speedboat (150 hp), we can nearly guarantee 100 % successfull skiing !! For Wakeboader too !

100 % success with the teaching bar


for 2 to 3 persons
Speed, Fun, Action !
Once you have tryed, you love to go again !

Fun tubes are great FUN !


Paddling around Olhuveli in about 40 to 60 minutes.
Bring your Mask and fins and stop for snorkeling !

Easy paddeling

Stand up Paddle Board

A new sport has arrived !!
Catch the wave or paddle around the Island.
Easy for everybody at Olhuveli's shallow lagoon.

Stand up Pddle Board


Easy steering & Easy controll !!
Pedalo "Speedy" are made in Italy.
Let's explore the lagoon !!

Pedalo "Speedy"
Jetski Rent

Jetski rent
Jetski Safari

Guided tour with additional Jetski

Stop at Sandbank, Dream Island,
Searching Dolphins and or Snorkeling...

Jetski Safari
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